23 November 2010

Let the festivities begin!

This is Stephen and I's first holiday season "together." Although we have spent almost every Thanksgiving together (because the break from school was too short for him to fly to FL every year), this is our first actual, married holiday season. I am pretty jazzed about that. But, what I am more jazzed about is my little sister, Marissa, visiting this week! I have lived in the great state of FL for almost 7 months and she is my first house guest. Stephen and I are picking her up from el aeropuerto this evening, then dinner w/ Alicia (a great friend of Marissa's from HS- stationed with the Navy in Jax) and a bit of shopping at my fave- the St. Johns Towne Center... ahhhh! :) I am very much looking forward to our visit.

(Sissy & I @ my TTU graduation)
Although we both look very different a year later-- I will be sure and post a selection of photos from our wonderful holiday visit!

This year I am very thankful for many new things in my life including, but certainly not limited to- My wonderful husband, the merciful life Jesus has blessed me with, my awesome new friends and family in FL, my job and all my awesome friends and family I don't get to spend this holiday season with. I hope to see you all very, very soon!

The best to your and yours this week.

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