07 December 2010

Back at the Ranch...

Okay folks. I have obviously fallen off the bloggin-wagon the past week (or so...). But, I'm back!

The past week (or so...) I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I started the Narnia books when I was in elementary, but stopped with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Come to find out there are 6 other books! They are all very good. Good in a way that is inspiring. Most of you know C.S. Lewis is a Christian and have probably read some of his other works, but to read these books (which so clearly parallel the story of Christ) is really powerful. You can tell by the way he writes that Lewis loved Christ deeply. He puts emotions in to words that I never knew how to describe. I enjoyed it very much. :) These are quick reads and available at every public library. Seriously, in the spirit of Christmas, check them out...

To digress- Thanksgiving was fantastic. We had Stephen's whole fam at the condo (and of course Marissa!). It was very enjoyable. Got out on Black Friday and did a little shopping. Believe it or not, the outlet malls here opened at 12 a.m., so everything was pretty dead by 5:30 a.m. when we set out. and of course, saw Harry Potter in IMAX on Friday evening - also fantastic. :)

We have our tree up and purple lights all around our lanai and I have almost all of my Christmas shopping completed! Victory!

Stephen has almost completed his first internship. He has enjoyed it very much from what I can tell. He has one more "real" semester of class until he finishes his whole DOCTORATE. That is just wild to me. Geez, my husband the DPT. Impressive :)

I have completed my application to grad school. Yippee! Now I just have to take the GRE. Man, I had forgotten what test anxiety is like. In retrospect I feel that I had it on wraps when I was finishing my undergrad work. Now, needless-to-say, I am having a hard time setting the date for that fateful test.

Final note-
My dear, dear friend Hannah has completed her coursework and will be a college grad by Christmas! What a wonderful gift from Christ. Hannah was due to graduate in May '09, but due to health complications, has been able to push the date... UNTIL NOW! Such wonderful, exciting news. The only thing better would be to be present for such an exciting day. We love you Hannah and are so, SO proud!!! xoxo


  1. YAAAY Hannah! woohoo!

    What is your "lanai" a hawaiian island!? so confused.

  2. Floridian for- "screened in porch"