09 January 2011


Just a few snap shots from our holiday season :)

Christmas 2010

Stephen & Hannah @ the Pirate Museum

Stephen & Hannah @ Castillo de San Marco
Fireworks NYE 2011
Hannah, me, Stephen @ the beach
Trans Siberian Orchestra

29 December 2010


We made it through the holidays! Victory! We had a quiet night on Christmas Eve, did my family's traditional Steak & Seafood thing...went to midnight mass (or 2:30 a.m. mass as we're calling it), went to bed. Got up did our gifts and went up to Jacksonville to see Stephen's family. We had a great time visiting. Stephen's dad, John, is unfortunately back in Jacksonville permanently. I say unfortunately because that means the poor guy got "let go," again, from his current post in Idaho.

Side bar- This disappoints me because we will no longer be planning a ski trip to the beautiful mountains in Idaho!

Although discouraging, he does have a couple interviews lined up. Including an interview in Atlanta with IBM! He has already scored 2 phone interviews with them, so here's to hoping & praying!

Our beloved friend Hannah is coming to visit us tomorrow. I am thrilled about this because anyone from Texas, is really welcome in my house. :) and obviously, we love her too. We're talking about going down to the pier for New Years Eve to see some fireworks, should be beautiful. The weather is supposed to warm up and just be perfect!

In other news- I am still hating the GRE.

I hope your Christmas and New Years is one filled with peace and joy. Christ always finds a way to fill our hearts and embraces our short-comings. We are so lucky to have a merciful God. :)


17 December 2010


Okay folks, it's time for the update :)

This past week has been rather challenging at work. Painfully busy due to the holiday season, but every night I come home and someone has sent us some seasonal goody and that tends to brighten my day! I have ran about 12 miles thus far this week. I have a big 8 miler on Saturday... probably shouldn't have eaten at the Mexican buffet for lunch (3 rounds, thank you very much!).

Stephen is finishing his 4th semester today. Big congrats to the hubs:)

I began torturing myself with Geometry on Tuesday. I hate math. I hate the GRE, but I love the prospect of grad school and thus being officially finished with the education system as we know it.

Finished up all Christmas shopping Wednesday!

Sent the Christmas cards on Thursday! and ate 15 delicious wings (which were totally not on my "diet"...)

Fridayyyy is here and I have enjoyed the MX buffet and will be going for a nice walk (in the 75 degree weather we're having!) and hittin' the Target this evening w/ Stephen. I really can't ask for a better weekend.

EXCEPT to announce that 2 of my bff's are graduating tomorrow in Fort Worth and we wish we could be there to cheer ya'll on! Go Girlsss! and Mom & Kirby are going to be visiting the hacienda directly after Christmas holiday annnnddd Ms. Hannah Hale will be gracing us with her presence over New Years! Party!!! :)

(I may have already shared these excited tid-bits with you guys, please disregard if that is the case)
Happy weekend friends :) xoxo

14 December 2010


Hey guys, just updating quick...joined twitter yesterday. It's hard for a newbie. Follow @kendradf :)


09 December 2010


I took 3 painful years of "Spanish" in HS and I passed and got college credit. Woo hoo. I have since learned that I know nothing about the Spanish language.

My New Year's resolution- Post GRE testing... I will Rosetta Stone my way to Spanish fluency! (obviously with the help of my many, many fluent-Spanish speaking friends) :)

Any pointers / supporters appreciated! xoxo

07 December 2010

Back at the Ranch...

Okay folks. I have obviously fallen off the bloggin-wagon the past week (or so...). But, I'm back!

The past week (or so...) I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I started the Narnia books when I was in elementary, but stopped with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Come to find out there are 6 other books! They are all very good. Good in a way that is inspiring. Most of you know C.S. Lewis is a Christian and have probably read some of his other works, but to read these books (which so clearly parallel the story of Christ) is really powerful. You can tell by the way he writes that Lewis loved Christ deeply. He puts emotions in to words that I never knew how to describe. I enjoyed it very much. :) These are quick reads and available at every public library. Seriously, in the spirit of Christmas, check them out...

To digress- Thanksgiving was fantastic. We had Stephen's whole fam at the condo (and of course Marissa!). It was very enjoyable. Got out on Black Friday and did a little shopping. Believe it or not, the outlet malls here opened at 12 a.m., so everything was pretty dead by 5:30 a.m. when we set out. and of course, saw Harry Potter in IMAX on Friday evening - also fantastic. :)

We have our tree up and purple lights all around our lanai and I have almost all of my Christmas shopping completed! Victory!

Stephen has almost completed his first internship. He has enjoyed it very much from what I can tell. He has one more "real" semester of class until he finishes his whole DOCTORATE. That is just wild to me. Geez, my husband the DPT. Impressive :)

I have completed my application to grad school. Yippee! Now I just have to take the GRE. Man, I had forgotten what test anxiety is like. In retrospect I feel that I had it on wraps when I was finishing my undergrad work. Now, needless-to-say, I am having a hard time setting the date for that fateful test.

Final note-
My dear, dear friend Hannah has completed her coursework and will be a college grad by Christmas! What a wonderful gift from Christ. Hannah was due to graduate in May '09, but due to health complications, has been able to push the date... UNTIL NOW! Such wonderful, exciting news. The only thing better would be to be present for such an exciting day. We love you Hannah and are so, SO proud!!! xoxo

23 November 2010

Let the festivities begin!

This is Stephen and I's first holiday season "together." Although we have spent almost every Thanksgiving together (because the break from school was too short for him to fly to FL every year), this is our first actual, married holiday season. I am pretty jazzed about that. But, what I am more jazzed about is my little sister, Marissa, visiting this week! I have lived in the great state of FL for almost 7 months and she is my first house guest. Stephen and I are picking her up from el aeropuerto this evening, then dinner w/ Alicia (a great friend of Marissa's from HS- stationed with the Navy in Jax) and a bit of shopping at my fave- the St. Johns Towne Center... ahhhh! :) I am very much looking forward to our visit.

(Sissy & I @ my TTU graduation)
Although we both look very different a year later-- I will be sure and post a selection of photos from our wonderful holiday visit!

This year I am very thankful for many new things in my life including, but certainly not limited to- My wonderful husband, the merciful life Jesus has blessed me with, my awesome new friends and family in FL, my job and all my awesome friends and family I don't get to spend this holiday season with. I hope to see you all very, very soon!

The best to your and yours this week.