29 December 2010


We made it through the holidays! Victory! We had a quiet night on Christmas Eve, did my family's traditional Steak & Seafood thing...went to midnight mass (or 2:30 a.m. mass as we're calling it), went to bed. Got up did our gifts and went up to Jacksonville to see Stephen's family. We had a great time visiting. Stephen's dad, John, is unfortunately back in Jacksonville permanently. I say unfortunately because that means the poor guy got "let go," again, from his current post in Idaho.

Side bar- This disappoints me because we will no longer be planning a ski trip to the beautiful mountains in Idaho!

Although discouraging, he does have a couple interviews lined up. Including an interview in Atlanta with IBM! He has already scored 2 phone interviews with them, so here's to hoping & praying!

Our beloved friend Hannah is coming to visit us tomorrow. I am thrilled about this because anyone from Texas, is really welcome in my house. :) and obviously, we love her too. We're talking about going down to the pier for New Years Eve to see some fireworks, should be beautiful. The weather is supposed to warm up and just be perfect!

In other news- I am still hating the GRE.

I hope your Christmas and New Years is one filled with peace and joy. Christ always finds a way to fill our hearts and embraces our short-comings. We are so lucky to have a merciful God. :)


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