17 December 2010


Okay folks, it's time for the update :)

This past week has been rather challenging at work. Painfully busy due to the holiday season, but every night I come home and someone has sent us some seasonal goody and that tends to brighten my day! I have ran about 12 miles thus far this week. I have a big 8 miler on Saturday... probably shouldn't have eaten at the Mexican buffet for lunch (3 rounds, thank you very much!).

Stephen is finishing his 4th semester today. Big congrats to the hubs:)

I began torturing myself with Geometry on Tuesday. I hate math. I hate the GRE, but I love the prospect of grad school and thus being officially finished with the education system as we know it.

Finished up all Christmas shopping Wednesday!

Sent the Christmas cards on Thursday! and ate 15 delicious wings (which were totally not on my "diet"...)

Fridayyyy is here and I have enjoyed the MX buffet and will be going for a nice walk (in the 75 degree weather we're having!) and hittin' the Target this evening w/ Stephen. I really can't ask for a better weekend.

EXCEPT to announce that 2 of my bff's are graduating tomorrow in Fort Worth and we wish we could be there to cheer ya'll on! Go Girlsss! and Mom & Kirby are going to be visiting the hacienda directly after Christmas holiday annnnddd Ms. Hannah Hale will be gracing us with her presence over New Years! Party!!! :)

(I may have already shared these excited tid-bits with you guys, please disregard if that is the case)
Happy weekend friends :) xoxo

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